Almashfa Health Center created a friendly environment and a compassionate care for children. It is considered one of the most comprehensive pediatric multispecialty centers in the Eastern region; the pediatric department is actively promoting the optimal development of children. A dedicated team of specialized pediatricians provides the best possible care in modern pediatric medicine to children from birth until sixteen years old.


The Pediatric Department in Almashfa Health Center is made up of pediatricians in a number of key fields all under one roof. At Almashfa Health Center you know that you are getting the best available care from your doctor, in an environment which makes the experience as pleasant as possible for you and your family.

We understand that children have unique needs which change with age. We care for children and young adults in an environment which is the ‘art, science and soul’ of pediatrics in a setting where children look forward to returning to.

Our doctors are child friendly, child focused and always put the health and well being of your child first. Our doctors are leading experts in their fields and excel in their chosen area, providing your child with the best possible care at the time they need it most.

The Pediatric Clinic provides comprehensive services that include the following; monitoring child development, immunization programs, monitoring neurological and motor development, home visits for special needs and treatment of acute and chronic diseases.