Dr. Bandar Aldhafery

Radiology Interventional Consultant

Dr. Mousa Alharbi

Cardiology Consultant

Dr. Hamed Alghamdi

Interventional and structural Cardiologist, Consultant

Dr. Waleed Al Baker

Internal Medicine, Endocrine and Diabetes

Dr. Osama Al Sanea

Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery

Dr. Mohamed Ramadan

Internal Medicine, Endocrine and Diabetes

Dr. Saleh Almulhem

Psychiatry and psychosocial Oncology consultant

Dr. Raed Alsulaiman

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hematologist and Therapeutic Bilio-Pancreatic Endoscopy

Dr. Abdulhameed AlMomen

Consultant General Surgery

Dr. Hani Shash

Plastic, Reconstructive and Advance Craniofacial Surgery Consultant

Dr. Dalal Bubshait

Pediatric Orthopedics Consultant

Dr. Lamya Dabous


Dr. Hanan Al-Subaie

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Sara Musa

Internal Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Ruba Alghamdi

Nutritional Therapy

Dr. Zeinab Himedan

Physicians General Practitioner

Dr. Saad Al Qahtani

Orthopedic Surgery Consultant

Dr. Mohammed Elsayed

Anesthesia & ICU Consultant

Dr. Ahmed Al Ameen

Emergency & Urgent Care

Dr. Mansour Al Assiry

Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant

Dr. Mohammad Al-Qahtani


Dr. Mohammed Khodair


Dr. Abrar Alwaheed

Hematologist Consultant